About Candace

Candace was raised in Ohio and is a resident of Munson Township. She is a wife and mother of 3 children.

After completing a Bachelor of Science degree from Cleveland State University, Candace went to work doing scientific research at Case Western Reserve University. While at CWRU, she was managing laboratories and administering federal research grants. She was able to complete 8 scientific journal article publications and give talks at international conferences.

This year she had the honor of participating as a chair of an event of Munson Elementary PTO where her son attends. That chaired event brought in a significant amount of money for use for the student activities. She enjoys helping out the community and family is a priority for her.

Political Activism

Candace took an interest in politics at an early age, when volunteering for a 3rd party candidate while in high school. Candace recognizes the need for third party candidates to get elected in order for real change to happen. She is ready to bring that change to Geauga county.

Candace’s desire to help people through her work in science currently carries over to helping the community now in her pursuit to serve the public in the best way possible.

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